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The Honey Bee is one of the most efficient pollinators in the world. Amazingly, the average Honey Bee can visit more than 2,000 flowers in one day.


They are clearly a vital part of our ecosystem, acting as highly efficient pollinators of our food crops. We need bees to keep our crops, gardens, countryside and earth healthy but in recent years their numbers have been decreasing by the billions. This decline has been linked to the use of pesticides which poison bees, and monoculture farming which prevents them from having a varied diet.


BEES ABROARD are a not for profit charity.

They promote locally appropriate beekeeping to enable participants to generate income to enhance their livelihoods, alleviate poverty and improve their quality of life.

BEES ABROARD are a global community of expert beekeepers and field practitioners. They provide equipment, training, field support, marketing and business skills to build beekeeping enterprises.

Today they have over 40 live projects in 12 countries.

This denim animal is designed to raise awareness of this problem and at the same time raise money to support the conservation charity that protects these species.


ALL PROFITS from these animals will be given to BEES ABROARD CHARITY.


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  • One of a kind, individually handmade from waste denim.

    These are made from denim waste, sewn with 100% cotton and stuffed with 100% wool from local sources.

    ALL PROFITS from these animals will be given to BEES ABROARD charity.

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