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"We are your creator, educator and simplifier in denim."

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Richard Vanoli
Trading Director - Debenhams at BooHoo Group
“Absolute expert in many things including Denim and a fantastic designer. spearheaded
many Design innovations whilst managing a team and creating many best sellers. His
creativity and energy are boundless and he’s a great person to work alongside.

Salli Deighton
CEO - Laundre uk
“Industry pioneer and denim is more than just the day job. He researches and questions
everything finding future solutions across all aspects of denim development and pro-
duction from fibre to finish. He’s a collaborator and always interested in projects which
challenge denim development and ‘greenwashing’. The denim scientist! ”

Emma Shaw
Head Design- FAT FACE (2008-2018)
“Great designer to have on your team. He has a real breadth of knowledge across many dif-
ferent categories, although his real passion is denim, and this comes through in his sketch-
ing and tech packs which are exemplary. He is customer focused and trend driven, with the
refined skill of delivering a commercial and yet contemporary range. I would highly recom-
mend him. ”


Having worked in the fashion industry for well over a decade, I have been involved with most of the UK high street, either through suppliers or directly with the brands. I have always had an interest in how things are made and the nuts and bolts that go into each and every garment, from the depth of stitching to tension to thread count ... 


DENIM RESEARCH has been setup up as a support for denim brands and companies in need of sustainability advice.

I work on 3 areas - Product development, sustainability/responsible choices in factories and customer facing support. 

AW Collection


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